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Super Weight Loss Juice with A Secret Ingredient!

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I’ve heard about this awesome weight loss juice from a friend of mine, who kept a 10 days

juice cleanse and lost about 10 pounds with no effort! I decided to try it myself, as I want to

lose a couple of pounds too. Of course, the lost pounds amount is different for each person,

depending on your weight. Diets aren’t really my thing. I prefer to eat healthy and make

overall good food choices and it seems to be enough to maintain my weight but if you have

more than just a few extra pounds, this juice will do miracles for you.

How to keep this juice cleanse

Well, my friend told me that you have to keep it for 10 days, no more, no less. There are two

ways you can keep this weight loss juice cleanse diet:

1. Eat only raw vegan foods. You can use the steamer, if you miss warm dishes, but it’s best

you keep it 100% raw. + 1 – 1,5 L of Super Weight Loss Juice [recipe below]

2. Don’t eat any solid foods. Drink 1 L of Super Weight Loss Juice per day + other natural

fruits and veggies juices (+ 1 -1,5 L). A good choice is the “ABC” Vitamin Booster Juice which

will supply your body with lots of nutrients.

In her case, she kept it the second way. The first thing I asked her was “So, how come you

didn’t feel hungry all the time?!”. Well, it seems like the juice is super nutritious and it fills

you stomach so you won’t feel any hunger at all! Also, if you drink other fruits and veggies

juices, you’ll get all the nutrients you need.

This weight loss juice is not only great for losing weight in a short period of time, but is also

awesome for detox! You’ll clean your body and feel a lot better afterwards. Can’t wait to try

it myself!

Until then, I tested the weight loss juice recipe today, and I must say it’s awesome! I added a

couple more ingredients which I thought would make it even better. Let me know what you

think ;)

Ingredients for approx. 0,5L:

3 oranges, peeled

1/2 young cabbage [yes, this is the secret ingredient!! Cabbage is AMAZING for weight

loss, and also really cheap!]

half a lemon’s juice

1 small carrot

a thumb size piece of ginger [great for boosting metabolism - burn that extra fat!!]

ice [optional]


Just juice them all! Easy as that! There’s no need for any sweetener, but if you want, you can

add some Stevia extract which is non-caloric.

Tip: You can substitute oranges for apples if you want some extra sweetness and a different


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