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10 Best Post-Workout Foods

We've already discussed what and why one should eat before a workout, it's time to discuss what one should eat following a workout. There's a lot of misinformation surrounding post-workout eating. I've heard claims that eating soon after a workout can cause weight gain, regardless of calories consumed, as well as muscle cramps. Both claims are [...]

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10 Best Pre-Workout Raw Foods

Despite a longstanding and popular belief to the contrary, one should ALWAYS eat before a workout. I cannot stress the importance of a pre-workout snack enough. The only concerns one should have are what, when and how much? I will answer all three of these questions, by the end of this article, starting with what. [...]

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​Minty Green Juice

Handful mint leaves1 tablespoon ginger root1 cup kale leaves3 green apples1 cucumberPut everything through your juicer, then enjoy!

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Chunky Tomato Pepper Soup

This savory, spicy soup recipe is quick and easy to make and can be enjoyed anytime of the year, and it tastes pretty great!Serves 4. Equipment:Blender Cutting board Sharp knife Measuring spoons Measuring cup Vegetable brush Garlic press (helpful, but not necessary) Large bowlIngredients:6 ripe medium-size Tomatoes 1 Red Bell Pepper 1 Green Bell Pepper 2 cloves of Garlic, minced or finely chopped 1 medium-size White [...]

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​10 Most Warming Raw Foods

The raw vegan diet is often lauded for its ability to cool the body during the height of Summer's heat, but, just as there are whole foods that naturally cool the body, there are also those that naturally warm it.Warming Foods1. Herbs: Ginger Garlic Cloves Chives Coriander Anise Rosemary Dill Fennel Basil Cinnamon Cumin2. Dates and dried fruits 3. Leeks 4. Mustard greens 5. Nut and seeds 6. Onions and scallions 7. [...]

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Easy Autumn Salad

This quick and easy recipe for two, or a very hungry one, uses four ingredients and requires only the most basic food prep equipment.Equipment: Cutting board Sharp knife Measuring spoons Measuring cup Veggie scrub brush Juicer (useful but not necessary) Grater (maybe)Ingredients: 7 celery stalks 4 medium apples ½ cup walnuts 2 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juiceDirections: Thoroughly wash celery stalks and remove both ends, [...]

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How to Gain Weight on a Raw Vegan Diet

Despite the raw vegan diet's reputation for creating slimmer physiques, one can easily gain and maintain a higher weight on a raw vegan diet. And when one gains weight on a raw vegan plan they can do it far more healthfully than on any other type of diet, including vegetarian. In order to gain weight [...]

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​Pink Sunrise Smoothie

2 bananas3/4 cup pineapple3/4 cup frozen strawberries1 1/2 cups waterBlend until smooth! 

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How to Never Feel Hungry on a Raw Vegan Diet

One of the biggest complaints leveled against the raw vegan diet is that it does not sate the appetite. Since protein is known to make one feel fuller and many people still believe that protein can only be found in fish, meat, eggs and animal milks, this argument has successfully discouraged many would-be vegans from [...]

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Raw Foods that Improve Endurance

Many people are surprised when they learn that a successful athlete does not consume meat. That surprise increases by a factor of ten when the athlete is a vegan. Athletes like hockey player Andreas Hanni, nine time gold medal Olympian Carl Lewis, 2009 Mr. Universe Billy Simmonds, boxer and bodybuilder Amanda Riester and ultramarathon runner [...]

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