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Iron-Rich Whole Foods

A guest blog post by Andrea Lewis, from Holistic Health & Living. The importance of iron in our diet cannot be overstated, but the myth of the weakened, iron deprived vegan needs to be put to rest. Despite popular belief, iron is not an inherent part of animals and their products. Mammals, including humans, cannot manufacture iron [...]

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How to Travel as a Vegan

According to a Harris interactive study commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, only 5% of Americans are vegetarians, with about half that number vegans and even fewer raw vegans. So, it should come as no surprise that raw vegans are not catered to on the same scale as omnivores. The result: it is more difficult [...]

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Raw Foods That Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is a byproduct of the immune system's innate response to an attack on the body. Inflammation facilitates the removal of harmful stimuli, such as allergens and pathogens, and initiation of the healing process. It's a necessity. Without inflammation there would be progressive destruction of tissue, which could compromise one's survival. Chronic low-level inflammation, on [...]

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Spirulina Tropical Swirl

Spirulina is an amazing food - it's rich in protein, some B vitamins and even has a bit of vitamin D! It has a VERY dark green colour, signifying it's bounty of cleansing chlorophyll.2 cups frozen mango2 bananas1 cup orange juice1 tablespoon spirulina 1 cup water, if neededBlend everything together EXCEPT the spirulina, adding water [...]

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Alkalizing Raw Foods

Blood pH is extremely important to one's health, yet it is rarely discussed. If one's blood pH is too acidic, the cells will be starved of both oxygen and essential nutrients, but there is also danger if one's blood pH becomes too alkaline, though it is far less commonplace than the reverse. For one to [...]

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Antioxidant Booster

Berries are super high in antioxidants, you can tell by their dark colours. Pineapple juice is terrific for digestion (although if your blood sugar is sensitive, go for almond milk instead). Bananas make it creamy and add a bit of protein. What's not to love? Cheers!1 cup frozen berry blend (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries)2 bananas1 cup [...]

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The Green Machine

Green Machine:Everything you need to start the day right; greens, fruit and water!2 frozen bananas1 fresh banana2 cups spinach leaves2 cups water2 Medjool datesBlend everything up until it's smooth and vibrantly green. Woo! 

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Best Raw Vegan Sources of Sodium

Sodium is a very important, but often misunderstood, nutrient. The misunderstanding is largely due to the ill health that can arise from its over-consumption. In the West, a large number of foods are processed with sodium, both for preservation and flavor enhancement. And since Western diets tend to contain a LOT of processed foods, sodium [...]

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Best Raw Vegan Sources of Iodine

The mineral iodine is essential for good health, and because our bodies cannot manufacture it, it is critical that we eat foods that contain it. A common criticism of both vegetarian and vegan diets is that they avoid many of the foods that contain iodine. Ironically, there are whole foods that contain as much and, [...]

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Ginger Carrot Pineapple Juice

Terrific for your skin and blood, this is a perfect wake-me up juice and mouth cleanser!5 large carrots1/4 pineapple1 tablespoon chunk ginger rootJuice! Drink! Yay!

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