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Here at Skinny Limits, we provide cold pressed, raw juices for people interested in looking and feeling great. Skinny Limits was founded in Austin, Texas by Cary and Joanie Frieden. Avid juicers, the Frieden family were looking for a convenient and efficient solution to Juicing. Let’s face it, Juicing is hard. It takes hours to prep the fruits and vegetables, the equipment is costly, and after everything your kitchen looks like an exploded produce department. And of course, if you decide to purchase a juice cleanse, it’s incredibly difficult to find completely natural and raw options. Most juice cleanse companies offer juices they claim to be raw, when in reality the juices have underwent HP Processing, which uses no heat, but kills all the living cells inside the juice. Skinny Limits juices are created with the freshest ingredients and are never pasteurized or processed. Our juice is alive.


“I love this! I want to do this all the time… at least once a month!”

I said this to my wife, Joanie, after Day 2 of my very first 3-day juice cleanse. She quickly directed me to the expense. ”We need to figure out something else. How do we do this ourselves but also integrate this into our everyday lives? The convenience of buying the juice premade is what made it practical.”

When we initially decided to purchase a juice cleanse, I have to admit I was feeling a bit reluctant. Joanie, an all around health nut, was an avid juicer. The kids and I were her regular test subjects as she perfected her delicious juice recipes and we each had our homemade favorites. Would the juices for the cleanse taste good? Would I like them as much as Joanie’s Green Juice? Of course, having never done a cleanse, I was quite worried I would starve! My concern was unnecessary. The juices were fresh and tasty (this was before the companies started high pressure processing their product) and I never felt hungry. After three days, I felt clean, energized, and was craving healthy foods.


During my cleanse, I discovered a “point of clarity.” That I, for the past 40 years, had been eating too much of the wrong foods. I began searching the internet for any information about juice cleanses which yielded an array of material. While there is no scientific evidence that proves that a juice cleanse detoxes or cleans the body, it was hard to argue with how Joanie and I both felt and how our diets had changed for the better following the cleanse. Deciding this was the healthiest choice for our family, we set out to cleanse monthly! This involved the following purchases:

  • Norwalk Cold Press Juicer – $2300

  • Vitamix Blender – $400

  • Lots of Produce – $45

  • Additional Refrigerator to store produce and juices – $675

  • 40 Glass Pint reusable bottles – $120

Using our favorite recipes, we spent 6 hours that first Sunday scrubbing produce and juicing… and then cleaning the produce explosion in our kitchen! That evening, we stood in front of the fridge, marveling at the pretty sight of our juice bottles, all lined up, ready for our Monday morning self-made cleanse start. It did not take long for the word to spread among our friends that we were conducting this monthly ritual. And then the inevitable happened. A good friend asked if we would create a cleanse for them too!

Skinny Limits was born!


Making a Healthier Lifestyle Easily Accessible!

Somehow, cooking at home is a dying art. Convenience has taken a back seat to health while both restaurants and consumers are generally looking for the most amount of food for the least amount of money. The result is highly processed, chemically laden food with minimal nutritional value.

With four kids, we struggle eating out. Everything is so processed; even the “healthier” restaurants present our children with kid’s menus filled with mac&cheese and corndogs –Gross! Around the corner from our kid’s middle school is a Starbucks. After school, the place is filled with adolescents eating and drinking a day’s worth of calories as a snack! We need to make healthy food great and convenient!

With a flourishing online store shipping juice cleanses across the country, we turned our attention to what’s next…


A retail kiosk space was scouted out for the first “store” while we used a mobile vendor “kitchen” facility to make the juice. We wanted something personal to us, somewhere our kids could work, a place that we would have to make successful or move out of the neighborhood if it failed!

With retail success, we move forward to grow Skinny Limits out into new locations. First stop….a Juice trailer! We want to help people stay healthy and happy.


How Skinny Limits is Different

There are lots of juice cleanse companies, so what makes Skinny Limits different? For starters, our juice is completely raw. Most mainstream juice cleanse companies aim to stock their product in grocery stores. However, they have to maintain a longer shelf life to do so. Because of this, they put their juice through a process called HP Processing. This doesn’t use any heat, but it kills all the living cells in the juice. You can literally taste the difference.

Skinny Limits was made by juicers for juicers. Everything we make, goes through proper tastebud inspection with the Skinny Limits crew and fans. We are fresh, raw, and gluten free. We use no pasteurization and no processing. Our juice is alive!


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